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  • I wanted to post a few items as a reminder as to how many in my family were slaughtered by The Nazis-A regime reminiscent of the present state of our country and those now in power. . Here are Documents, and prayer books, etc I received from The Red Cross documenting as to where some were killed, and the reason for their "Incarceration"as seen in the documents was that they were Jews, or "Judin"- as described in the documents.
    The concentration camps in the documents included Sorbitor, Mauthausen, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Again, Apologies if anyone is offended, but it is, for me reality. (Documents-Mine-Some photos from friends, and online.)4217745?profile=RESIZE_1024x10244217798?profile=RESIZE_1024x10244217887?profile=original FW

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