Alfred, Johnny, Dad, Martin and Edith (2) 4_80

Miraculously all 5 Spier siblings survived the holocaust.  From left to right, Alfred went on a Kindertransport to the UK, served in the RAF and returned to live in Germany.  Julius (Johnny Sanders) also went on a Kindertransport to the UK and eventually emigrated to the US, My Dad, Walter Spier went with his parents and brother Martin, to Terezin, then to Auschwitz and Sosnowitz to be liberated from Mathausen 5/5/45 and emigrated to the US.  My Uncle Martin who went with my Dad to Terezin, Auschwitz and eventually liberated from Terezin and emigrated with my Dad to the US and finally Edith Baumann who left Germany on a Kindertransport to the UK and emigrated to the USA 

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